Those Black Streaks On Your Roof Are Not What You Think!


Black streaks running down your roof aren't a sign that the asphalt shingles are dissolving or that you need a new roof. Rather, you have roof algae. The organisms arrive on the rooftop as either spores or clumps of cells.

Asphalt shingles contain limestone, which makes them heavy, durable and reflective. Roof algae over time will slowly consume the limestone, ultimately weakening the shingles. Algae cells produce a dark pigment that acts as a sunscreen, protecting the cells from the sun. As this pigment accumulates on shingles, the roof becomes less reflective and absorbs more sunlight, which is transferred into the house as heat, raising cooling costs.

Roof algae are just the first wave in a succession of organisms that can colonize and ultimately
undermine a roof. The algae can eventually team up with a fungus to form lichen. Moss follows,
building a small layer of soil that might catch seeds from bird droppings. By the time grass sprouts between the shingles, it's past time for a new roof. The process can take years.

They not only eat up your shingles, but also enter into your roof deck and cause wood damage. When wood starts to rot, moisture is entered into your roof and it creates the most suitable environment for MOLD growth.

If your home is affected by the MOLD then it creates issues related to health for you, your family members and your pets, especially those suffering from asthma and respiratory problems. They are prone to cause allergies, toxicity and structural damages to your home.

To avoid these issues, don’t ignore stains of your roof.

Instead, professionals use a low-pressure application of bleach and water, which kills the algae and restores the shingles. However, bleach runoff can be a potent pollutant, so care must be taken to protect plants, soils and aquatic ecosystems.
Only trained and professional roof specialists are recommended.

Keep your roof clean and your family healthy. Contact roofing professional, Kolossus SoftWash, and give your roof an eco-friendly treatment and get those stains away before it permanently damages your roof.

Ashley Zona